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There are so many decisions to make when choosing your home. Your home is likely the largest investment you will ever make in your life. Wouldn't it be comforting to know your home was built by honest, caring people who will stand by you (and their workmanship!) through thick and thin?

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The Balandra-built Home Promise

Together with the New Home 2-5-10 Warranty, every Balandra-built home owner receives a special commitment from Balandra. With your Balandra-built home you will also receive:
  • complete package of your home's unique Specifcations (to help you answer questions like which paint is on what walls, and what's the name of the floor tile in the powder room?
  • full Trades list of everyone who lent their skill and craftsmanship to your home
  • full Suppliers list for the products found in your home
  • a One-Year Review visit where we will inspect your home and address any issues (nail pops in drywall, settling etc) and perhaps share a cup of coffee with you and your family
  • a lifetime relationship with Balandra in which we prove our integrity and commitment to you through our actions, instead of the usual (and disappointing) words only
  • reminders about your home's critical maintenance and helpful home ownership tips
We invite you to go for a map-based tour - have a look at the map (below) online then get in the car and head out for a drive-by tour of all our Balandra homes. View Balandra Homes in Richmond, BC in a larger map

Our building practices include

Fully photo-documented build progress log from beginning to end of your home's construction. Considerable interior mill-work on windows, doors and trims and the following items:
  • Silent Flooring
  • 2" x 6" Exterior Walls
  • Hardy brand high performance exterior siding
  • Outdoor lounge with gas fireplace
  • Natural light is honoured and maximized.
  • Exterior surfaces are highest permeabilty possible (gravel and paving stones instead of solid pavement driveways etc)
  • Construction materials are always sorted and recycled instead of the usual dumpster bin to the landfill
  • Before insulation every nook, cranny and wall cavity is carefully vacuumed (walls are full of dust, construction debris and allergens in 'normal' construction practices).
  • A deep connection to the land and property itself, to the neighbourhood and the community in which the home resides. Balandra homes are planned with thoughtful consideration for the community's sense of heritage, respect for neighbours and the house design itself always reflects these aspects.
  • High performance double-glazed low-e windows.
  • We honour and save trees. No trees will be removed for the sake of construction.
  • Detailed interior wainscotting millwork.
  • Top-calibre, EnerGuide appliance packages.
  • Water-saving plumbing, appliances and fixtures.
  • Radiant in-floor heating.
  • Full opening swing doors on closets instead of bi-folds.
  • Durable, washable high performance paint.
  • Deluxe spa atmosphere master ensuite bathrooms.
  • Deluxe master suite walk-in, tailor-finish closets.
  • Strategic wiring systems, living room lamp and computer network-ready.
  • Integrated systems: security, fire, carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • Earth-friendly pilotless, on-demand gas fireplaces instead of constant (wasteful) burning pilot lights.


We build our homes and relationships to stand the test of time. The truth is what people say when you're not around.... Here's how our home owners feel about their Balandra home and experience. We are happy to put you in direct contact with a Balandra home owner to share stories and understand the process better, please contact us to do so.

Customer Assessment and Feedback:

I’m a new immigrant to Canada. When I first came to Canada, I wanted to buy a property to be my residence, however, I had previously heard stories concerning the varying quality of the properties on the Canadian real estate market, and thus was quite hesitant to make a purchase. Later, with the help of strong recommendations from a few “friends” who had already bought property in Canada, I decided to go for it, and bravely bought a newly built property from the builder Balandra Development. As it turns out, and just as my friends had said, the feeling of moving into this house that I had bought on my own was amazing! Indeed, every part of the house -- from its exterior design to its equisitely designed and practically laid out interior-- exhibits the great expertise and customized attention of the property development company. The high quality of the materials used in the house’s construction is especially worthy of mention. After I bought the home, the builder Balandra Development has kept in continuous touch with us and has been very nice in our communications. They have also actively worked with us regarding our post-sale queries and the areas we’ve brought up as needing improvement, and have provided expert, fast, convenient and comprehensive services in this regard. The high sense of responsibility and expert service possessed by this real estate company has shown us what service and quality really mean, and has allowed us to truly feel that ‘the customer is king’. In order to allow more new immigrants to Canada avoid the troubles and concerns they’ve previously encountered in home purchasing, and buy a truly beautiful and reasonably priced place to call home, I highly and sincerely recommend the properties developed by the builder Balandra Development, and trust that when the time comes you will also enjoy all your home has to offer…
Li Sheng, new immigrant and home purchaser

Utmost care and attention...

A year ago I purchased a beautiful, new home in Richmond, BC built by Balandra Development Inc. On the day I received the keys I was introduced to my home with a beautiful array of welcoming gifts. Included in these was a large compendium complete with every detail pertaining to the components and personnel associated with the building of my home. That in itself has proven to be very valuable. However, the best resource has been the builder himself, Clive Alladin. He has been extremely conscientious throughout this past year in tending to my house concerns with utmost care and attention. As I luxuriate in a home that I am proud of I feel very fortunate to have found a Balandra home.

The most beautiful house...

There are no words to describe how lucky we think we are to have met you - you built us the most beautiful house, more than we imagined. You treated our house as it was your own and we really appreciate that. We felt comfortable the whole time knowing you were looking out for us. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are going to miss seeing you so often (so is Jesse). Best of luck on your upcoming projects.
Marnie and Jeff

Quality workmanship...

Great home! Quality workmanship! After-sale service superb! Balandra builds homes that surpass expectations! We highly recommend buying one.
Myrna and Glen

Respectful construction...

For 25 years my wife & I have walked Francis Rd. west to the dyke. It's really nice to go by your neat & tidy construction site. No impediments on or destruction of the sidewalk is also appreciated. We wish all the other guys were as respectful.
John Parrott

Ultimate builder...

You have certainly made our fear of buying a new home disappear. Your prompt service on all our issues, the consistency in your work, little details, and not forgeting it's all about quality in your books. Your open arms - for taking all our issues as yours - have certainly turned my head. For someone who moves frequently trying to find their perfect home, we very possibly found ours. So you know, we have made you our ultimate builder! Thank you so much for building such exquisite homes.
Belynda and Sal

Stress-free relationship...

Recently my sister and I upgraded to our first home. A thrill to be sure but as we all know, and especially in the Lower Mainland, purchasing a home also represents a large financial investment. My sister and I don’t know very much about how to repair things so what we didn’t want was a fixer upper. What a pleasure walking into the house that Clive built, our home now. It was move in ready and so tastefully done we fell in love with it right away – we made an offer the same day! We paid a fair price, especially when I compare our house to other new homes in my area. Additionally, Clive provided us with all the reference materials we would ever need, everything from paint colors to floor tiles, and he has provided wonderful after care service. It has been quite a stress free relationship because we know we can depend on Clive to address our concerns and look after any problems associated with our new home.
Diana and Tanya

Service is tremendous...

Clive worked with my husband and I to build not just a house but a home. His detailed approach has meant that we have a quality home that will continue in its value for years to come. For us, the continued after-care service is tremendous. Nothing is too small a request and he is there when you need him. Our home was completed in 2007 and even now when we have a question or a wish to add something new he is right there. He has become our friend and we wish continued success to him and Balandra.
Fiona McCauley

Blessed and secure...

Brian and I bought our first ever home in March 2006. We were quite nervous and did not know whether to buy an older home or a brand new one. We had been looking for the previous year and never found anything that was quite right.
At the end of January we came upon an open house featuring two neighbouring houses in Ladner, built by Clive Alladin at Balandra Development. We walked in and fell in love with both homes immediately. The finishing was beautiful, the kitchen gorgeous and the over all design of the homes spectacular. We chose the blue house and have now had two wonderful seasons in our new home and have grown to appreciate it even more.
We still occasionally feel tempted to go to an open house of a brand new home and every time we do, we realize how beautifully our home is built in comparison. Clive has done a tremendous job with our house and has given us wonderful customer service before we moved in and after. Given the fantastic quality workmanship and the great service, we feel very blessed and secure to live in a home built by Balandra.
Monica and Brian