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The truth is what people say when you're not around....
There are no words to describe how lucky we think we are to have met you - you built us the most beautiful house, more than we imagined.
Marnie & Jeff
  • ...Clive Alladin has been extremely conscientious throughout this past year in tending to my house concerns with utmost care and attention. As I luxuriate in a home that I am proud of I feel very fortunate to have found a Balandra home.
  • Given the fantastic quality workmanship and the great service, we feel very blessed and secure to live in a home built by Balandra.
    Monica and Brian
  • You have certainly made our fear of buying a new home disappear.
    Belynda and Sal
  • We felt comfortable the whole time knowing you were looking out for us.
    Marnie and Jeff
  • Great home!  Quality workmanship!  After-sale service superb!  Balandra builds homes that surpass expectations!  We highly recommend buying one.
    Myrna and Glen
  • ...I received a compendium complete with every detail pertaining to the components and personnel associated with my home. That in itself has proven to be very valuable. However, the best resource has been the builder himself, Clive Alladin. He has been extremely conscientious...
  • Nothing is too small a request and Clive is there when you need him.
    Fiona McCauley
  • It has been quite a stress free relationship because we know we can depend on Clive to address our concerns and look after any problems associated with our new home.
    Diana and Tanya
  • You treated our house as it was your own and we really appreciate that.
    Marnie and Jeff