Balandra Development Inc. is an award-winning boutique home builder based in Richmond, BC.

Our office is nestled in historic Steveston, and we focus our attention on building single family residences in west Richmond. We build both custom homes and homes for the open market.

Please watch our video (at right) to learn more about who we are, the types of homes we build, and our philosophy.


We tried to find a slick, fancy phrase to use as a tag line to describe Balandra Development.
We thought long and hard, we researched marketing recommendations, we asked people in the industry. But in the end, as simple as it may sound, we just kept coming back to the truth;

We Create Homes.


  • We care.
  • We honour our committments.
  • We believe in every persons' right to decent affordable housing.
  • We encourage and embrace diversity.
  • We compensate our suppliers and tradespeople on a timely basis.
  • We appreciate the talents of our suppliers and tradespeople.
  • We will not accept shoddy workmanship.
  • We strive to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • We constantly seek out better methods.
  • We laugh.
  • We give a damn.
  • We believe in doing it once and doing it right.


Over the years — Balandra Development Inc.
  • 201310 Year Celebration
    In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Balandra
    hosted a private cruise and luncheon up Vancouver's scenic Indian Arm with friends & family (other companies call them clients & suppliers).
  • 2012A Golden Year
    Balandra captured two Georgie Awards.
    A silver Georgie for BEST KITCHEN under $100,000 and
    the top prize, a gold Georgie award for BEST HOUSE for the home Dunlin Shore.
  • 2011Ground Breaking (Drilling, to be precise)
    Balandra goes very green with construction on Richmond's very first house built for the open market with geothermal heating.
    Drilling down 200 feet —the equivalent of at 20-storey high-rise— gives access to year-round warmth for hot water use and heating for Balandra home Dunlin Shore.
  • . . . Busy Bees
    Focusing on the historic Steveston area in Richmond, Balandra builds an average of two homes per year.
  • 2003The Balandra Story Begins
    The company is founded in May 2003 by a small group of friends and family with wide-ranging areas of expertise. The aim is to build enduring homes worthy of their very own sons and daughters families.

Balandra Scholarship

Balandra Development awards scholarships for B.C. post-secondary students. The $2,000 annual scholarship is shared between one female and one male student who each demonstrate innovation in housing construction, with a focus on sustainable energy. Download the application here.


COMPANY TRIVIA: Why is the company called BALANDRA? Answer: The company is named after BALANDRA BEACH, a favourite beach in Trinidad, the home country of our founding partners.


The truth is what people say when you're not around....
There are no words to describe how lucky we think we are to have met you - you built us the most beautiful house, more than we imagined.
Marnie & Jeff
  • ...Clive Alladin has been extremely conscientious throughout this past year in tending to my house concerns with utmost care and attention. As I luxuriate in a home that I am proud of I feel very fortunate to have found a Balandra home.
  • Given the fantastic quality workmanship and the great service, we feel very blessed and secure to live in a home built by Balandra.
    Monica and Brian
  • You have certainly made our fear of buying a new home disappear.
    Belynda and Sal
  • We felt comfortable the whole time knowing you were looking out for us.
    Marnie and Jeff
  • Great home!  Quality workmanship!  After-sale service superb!  Balandra builds homes that surpass expectations!  We highly recommend buying one.
    Myrna and Glen
  • ...I received a compendium complete with every detail pertaining to the components and personnel associated with my home. That in itself has proven to be very valuable. However, the best resource has been the builder himself, Clive Alladin. He has been extremely conscientious...
  • Nothing is too small a request and Clive is there when you need him.
    Fiona McCauley
  • It has been quite a stress free relationship because we know we can depend on Clive to address our concerns and look after any problems associated with our new home.
    Diana and Tanya
  • You treated our house as it was your own and we really appreciate that.
    Marnie and Jeff


The Balandra founding partners encompass a seasoned, diverse group of professionals with expertise in business as buyers, sellers and in real estate business operations. Their combined expertise in site selection and analysis, design, market analysis, housing construction and project financing provides the foundation for adept direction of the company.


Clive Alladin – Founding Partner & Chief Operations Officer
Clive is a professional engineer with comprehensive experience in project management and capital planning in the private and public sectors. With over 25 years of experience he has acquired a reputation for multi-tasking and completing projects on time and within budget. Clive developed his capacities through his roles as a manager and as a team leader of multi-disciplinary professionals, where he also fine-tuned his skills in motivating colleagues and mentoring staff. Of the many successes, special mention must be made of Clive’s involvement in the construction industry as a site superintendent for single-family homes. During his tenure at Parklane Homes, Clive achieved the unique distinction of managing the construction of 55 single-family homes without a single safety infraction or disruption to construction by municipal authorities. The entire project, with a sales value of $19 million, was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. Clive has a fascination with single-person hovercrafts and can rarely pass up the opportunity to provide a little snack to stray cats or critters that pass through his backyard.


Ken Alladin – Founding Partner & Director
As a business graduate of Concordia University and a registered CPA and CMA, Ken integrates his knowledge of statutory and regulatory requirements in Canada together with over 25 years of international experience in the public and private sectors. His administrative and financial management skills were honed during several tenures as general manager in large manufacturing enterprises, and a development finance organization. Ken’s hands-on knowledge in strategy and corporate planning round out his contribution to Balandra’s direction. In his free time Ken is often on a train going somewhere or indulging his love for cooking.


Lenny Alladin - Founding Partner & Director
After graduating from McGill University, Lenny developed and managed a successful private practice in medicine for over 35 years. He has also been involved in several successful business ventures related to the medical field. As the co-founder of two medical clinics; one in Ontario and the other in Quebec, Lenny has been instrumental in creating and developing them into financially strong enterprises. He finds it difficult to resist a good single malt scotch (not too peaty and not too smokey) and gets a kick out of seeing the underdog win.


Pearl Alladin - Founding Partner & Advisory Board Member
After retiring from the public sector as a career civil servant specializing in middle management and Industrial relations, Pearl turned her attention to detail from perfectly balanced books at the end of the financial year toward a more artistic pursuit. Proving her capacity to be well-rounded, she later graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Pearl has a soft spot for gardening and can often be found trying to revive her piano skills.


Sais Madansingh - Founding Partner & Advisory Board Member
Sais holds a masters degree in economics and has over two and half decades of management experience. He is recently retired from the Director of Operations for Southeast Resource Development Council Corp. (SERDC) where he was instrumental in assisting in the development of the region. Sais is recognized in Manitoba by both the provincial and federal governments and by organizations for his commitment to improve the quality of life for society, and as such, has received many awards to honour his contributions.


Reepu Singh
Reepu is a professional engineer and former certified planner with international experience across four countries. He has held civic positions of Director of Planning and Engineering, and Director of Utilities, both in Connecticut, USA. His private sector experience as an engineering consultant spans many projects, from site and subdivision design to bridge engineering and coastal engineering. He is currently developing real estate in Connecticut. Reepu has an undergraduate degree in civil engineering and a M.S. in ocean engineering. When not fine-tuning an engineering plan, Reepu is happiest doing and thinking about things that will benefit this world, or spending his time hiking in the woods.


Emrith Kalliecharan
Emrith has owned and operated a successful Caribbean restaurant in Montreal for over 25 years, which has now been named as one of Montreal’s Caribbean landmarks. Having graduated as a computer programmer, Emrith engages his strategic and creative mind in the real estate market, currently owning and operating five investment properties while also managing an import /export company in Trinidad which he co-founded. Emrith’s culinary success can be tasted as far away as England where his restaurant’s Roti is regularly flown-in and he can be found dancing when a catchy tune is on the airwaves or always sampling the food and saying that’s why he chose the food business.